The City of Lebanon Authority is currently se...

The City of Lebanon Authority is currently seeking a Chemist for the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
This individual will assist in the performance of all Wastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory analyses and the generation of all necessary reports and paperwork and scheduling.
Duties include general lab functions including but not limited to:
reviewing data books, receiving samples, performing pipette calibrations, performing thermometer calibrations, washing lab ware, entering data in spreadsheets, checking spreadsheets, filing and general janitorial.
A bachelor's degree in chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science, biology, microbiology, or physical science is required.
Applicants with a current ABC Wastewater Laboratory License and State Operator's license are encouraged to apply.
This is a full time position with varying hours based on the work schedule with the typical work week consisting of Monday through Friday from 7:
00 am to 3:
30 pm.
Individuals must have a valid driver's license.
Apply in person at the Lebanon Area Career Link, located at 243 Schneider Drive in Lebanon or through the Pennsylvania Career Link website
by July 29, 2013.

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